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        The history of Chinese ... 1982 suede shoes. Generally speaking, is mainly to protect soldiers feet less ...
        What was the earliest ... China&#39;s war began in the clan era, with the development of economy, military sh...
        Why has American army ... Caixin / sidelines Chinese intern journalist Yang Rui An American veteran manu...
        Yangzhou 辽宁福彩. is a professional R & D and production of , desert , combat , shoe factory custom of foreign troops. The company has nearly 15 years engaged in the production and sale of various types of military , desert , camouflage , Jungle Boots experience. At present, the company has more than one shoe assembly line and nearly 200 sets. Factory output has reached 50 thousand pairs per month.


          Address: Jiangsu Industrial Zone, Gaoyou Sichuan Qinghai Freetalk shoes
          Tel: 0514-84329565
          Phone: 15358559757 / 15312820279
          Fax: freewalker-anais@bcw360.cn
          URL: /
          Copyright: Yangzhou furuite Footwear Company Limited
          Technical support: Zhong Tuo Information technology Su ICP prepared 苏ICP备17058671号 No.
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